Kits Costs:

Kits Include:

1 - Mesh Weave Cap

1 - Stocking Weave Cap

17 - Hair Tracks with fasteners

Extra Fasteners

7 to 10 days delivery

Emergency Weave Kit: $69.99

100% Hair Blends

Hair Color: 1 or 1b or 1b/30

Lengths: Shorty, 10', 12'

Non Emergency Kits: $89.00 -$199

Human Hair Blends or 100% Human $ 90.00 - $199

Please Specify hair length and color.

Non Emergency Kits will come in 3 Colors: 1, 1b, 1b/30.

We sell Emergency and Non Emergency kits.

Emergency & Non Emergency Weave Kit A do it yourself weave method that allows you to attach and detach hair tracks without the need for sewing or glue Fasteners are attached to the weft of the hair track. Fasten into place, and create the style that you desire. It can be done on your head or on a mannequin quickly. Switch out styles weekly if so desired.