About us

At age 18 in the 60's it was all  about wigs, in the 70's-80's it was hair extentions, which sometimes took 8 to 12 hours to complete. In the late 80's I wore dreads 

for the next 20 plus years until the day I noticed bald spots here and there;

It was time to do something. I begin wearing wigs once again , but this time nothing seemed to look like it did on display, once on my head . My brother said I looked like Dianne Ross, John Lennon,Chewbacca from Star Wars, even James Brown, last straw, what was I going to do? One morning I woke from my sleep with instruction to go to the beauty supply and purchase hair, then onto the fabric store to buy velcro, and snaps, protoypes finished. The Emergency and Non-Emergency Kit was born. No Stress No Mess No Glue No Goo. I begin to create styles that I simply loved. Try it you will like it.